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Orion Invest is committed to the future of living where you are the master of your own day, living the life in the way that suits you and earning a stable income in the same time. Through our Orion community platform, we offer people with a passion for real estate, emerging opportunities and a free lifestyle the opportunity to be a part of a community of likeminded people, whilst in the same time having the freedom to manage your own time.

A Constellation of Opportunities

Build your job around your life

By becoming a certified Orion agent you can be your own boss and in the same time be a part of a global network where you can connect with likeminded people, get support and coaching and have your voice heard in the development of new products.


Be your own boss

Be a part of a global community of likeminded people

Sell signature property in beautiful destinations

Stay where you want in the world

Build your own team

Receive free training and coaching


As a part of the Orion community, you will get first hand access to signature projects in some of the most beautiful destinations across the world. With all our products, we work to create shared value for all involved parties including investors, agencies, our communities and the company.

Signature projects

Beautiful destinations

Shared value

Innovative products

A consideration to our footprint


The Orion community is open for any person who is passionate about real estate and emerging opportunities across the world, and it is easy to get started!

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