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The Orion Philisophy

We believe that the future of investing is not only about creating value for yourself and your family, but to further gain such value by making an impact. At Orion, we are therefore dedicated to creating value for the ecosystems and communities that we are a part of, at each of our project locations. This means creating local jobs, engaging in protecting and further developing the local value chains, ensuring that our projects have minimum impact on the surrounding ecosystems and shared global climate and further ensuring that our local communities have the possibility in joining in on our projects and take part in the profits.

Why “Orion”?

Our name is taken from the Orion constellation. Orion is visible throughout the world, and is one of the most recognisable constellations in the night sky. This means that Orion can be seen from all our project locations and from the homes of all our investors. At Orion, this emphasises the idea that our communities are united and have a shared vision.

With A Passion For Opportunity

In decades to come, growth and opportunity is expected to largely happen outside the traditional markets in emerging and fast-growing economies.. In partnership with our sister companies in Latin America, Africa and Asia, we work to offer signature projects and exciting real estate opportunities in emerging and fast growing markets across the globe simple and transparent. exclusive real estate investment opportunities for our investors in up and coming markets in some of the most beautiful destinations across the world.

At Orion we continuously address growing and existing markets for good opportunities for the company and our investors, which gives us a first mover advantage and ability to benefit on the growth in the economy of the area. This can be land banks, areas well-suited for agricultural projects, plots with great potential for a new development and operational projects that we would like to take to the next level. When we find the perfect asset, the project will go through a comprehensive feasibility study and a detailed plan will be prepared before added to one of our investment offers. This way we ensure that you only invest into the best projects available in any market at any time.

Through our portal, investors can buy apartments, hotel pool investments and portfolio investments in coffee plantations in Colombia, hotel developments in Thailand’s top tourist destinations and safari lodges overlooking world heritage sites such as the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.


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