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Orion makes it easy to invest into signature
projects in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Our Signature Real Estate Project

Investing should not only make financial sense – it should also be fun and exciting. This is why we at Orion go out of the way to hand pick signature project in beautiful destinations that both offer a sound investment opportunity and the perfect starting point for your next holiday. Our projects are located next to wonders of the world, on pristine sandy beaches and as a part of an eco-certified coffee ranch in lush jungle scenery.

Why Invest Through Orion?

Through Orion you can earn rental yields and participate in capital appreciation on exciting opportunities and signature projects in fast growing markets across the world.

Solid Security

At Orion, our investments always start with a hard, tangible asset to offer your security in a volatile market.

Emerging Market

Through Orion, you get easy access to emerging markets where the majority of growth is set to happen for decades to come.

Secondary Income

Through our model you can enjoy returns similar to that of a property owner with minimum effort.

Beautiful Locations

Our projects are located at some of the most beautiful destinations across the world.

Signature Projects

Investing should not only make financial sense, but be fun and exiting. We go our of the way to find signature projects.

Shared Value

We believe that long-term growth is sustained by mutually beneficial outcomes for the business and our communities.

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Our Real Estate Investment Options

Are you looking for a first home, a holiday home or a hassle free investment? Through our portal you can find the real estate investment suited your needs and wishes.

Property Investment

Looking for a home or a Holiday home? through Orion you can find a range of residential properties across our locations.

Portfolio Investment

Tap into real estate opportunities across our destinations with minimum effort. Invest as low as 5,000 USD and start to earn a passive income.

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Creating Shared Value

At Orion, your investment is only the beginning. Our philosophy is that longterm growth and success comes by creating mutually beneficial outcomes for
the company and investors, as well as our communities and ecosystems.

Community Building

Through our investments we are dedicated to supporting our local communities by creating local jobs and opportunities.

Value Chain Choices

We closely manage the whole value chain when developing and operating our projects to ensure that our choices benefit our local communities and the ecosystem as a whole.

Local Adaptations

We believe that everyone, everywhere
should be able to invest and invite local
investors to build their wealth alongside the
Group by investing in our projects.

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Not sure how to get started?

Schedule a call with our real estate consultancy team to get more information about our projects and investment options.

Not sure how to get started?


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